13 HIGH Looking to expand through out New England & The East Coast, hopefully World Wide one day!!

A fresh new kind of act for the metal/rock scene in 2011
13 HIGH is fusion of musical styles touching on mid 70's arena rock, the 'first' heavy metal bands of the late 60's and early 70's, the mid 90's American metal scene, The new wave of British heavy metal of the early 80's, and a dose of current day mainstream rock influence with a southern rock twist makes this new band. 
13 High, a sort of song-by-song history lesson of the past 40+ years of heavy music. 
After only a short time, gaining in popularity amongst rock and metal fans alike.

13 High's 'Sabbath-by-way-of- Murderdolls' approach to music comes from the high energy lineup of  
Donald Bowling on Vocals 
Bob Rox playing Bass and backup Vocals
Rikk Ashe on the Drums&kegs
The down tuned, doomy 7 string guitar work 
of Rich Mayhem and Eric Rector. 

The first rule in this band is to have fun, and their stage shows are proving that you can be dark, loud and heavy, and have a good time doing it. 



13 HIGH released their first full length CD in Dec.9,2011; Self-Titled (13 HIGH) Now on Sale World Wide on CDBaby.com at Their CDBaby 
Also locally in Maine at A Bull Moose Music Stores. To find a location near you, visit WWW.BULLMOOSE.COM

13 HIGH Live At The Asylum, Portland Maine
For more 13 HIGH Video visit Their YouTube Channel  <-Here